Planning to buy a new home


Planning to buy a new home? Then you must be going around many residential projects. It goes without saying that your new neighbourhood will become an integral part of your life once you start living there. This is why, apart from the kind of people and the property prices, it is also important to keep in mind the kind of area where you will be starting your new life. So, here we list some of the most problematic neighbourhoods that you should avoid in the proximity of your new home. So, choose wisely, and be sure to check for these the next time you’re out home hunting!

1. Airports, Railways & Highways: Does your real estate agent claim that your new home will have great connectivity as it’s near an airport or railway station? If so, double check what he means by ‘near’. Living too close to an airport or a railway line with frequent traffic can make your life a distressed one.

Not to mention the noise pollution every time a plane lands or a train goes by, these strong vibrations tend to shake up your home and may cause the structure to become weaker earlier than usual. There may be formation of cracks in the walls, and you may be waking up in the middle of the night to the shrieking sounds of a rail engine.

Similarly, if your house is too near a highway, you may start to feel like you are stuck in a 24 hour traffic jam. Recent studies have shown that excessive sounds and noises can impede human growth and is a leading cause for heart diseases such as fluctuations in blood pressure, as well as irritability and migraine.


2. Marriage Gardens & Banquets: These event hubs, though a source of celebration for some can become the source of a disrupted life for you in case they are too near your new home. The loud music and drunk ‘karaoke’ of some inebriated guest late at night can drive any sane person crazy.

When looking for a new home ask around and make sure no marriage gardens or banquets exist or are about to come up in the vicinity. The crowd of strange people passing in front of your house with their cars parked near your building or house gate are not things you want to live with!

Development has led to surplus cash with people nowadays, as a result these events have become more and more frequent. It’s your responsibility as a home buyer to make sure you make the best choice.


3. Garbage Dumps: From the completely revolting smell to the filth and eye sore, having garbage dumps in the vicinity of your new home is actually doing self-harm. This is so because garbage dumps tend to become the breeding grounds for disease prone germs and insects.

Some of these diseases, such as malaria, jaundice and dengue can prove life threatening, especially if you have young children in the family that go out to play. When choosing the location of your new home, you need to be extra careful to avoid garbage dumps.

People tend to ignore this issue because they believe that a garbage dump is inevitable. They need some place to dump their own domestic garbage, and some even go to the extreme of considering this an advantage! Another loophole here is that land areas near garbage dumps are usually far cheaper, as a result a builder can lure you to buy his property at much cheaper rates.