construction of surrounding infrastructure


Everybody would like to be rich. Everybody dreams of a bigger home, a bigger car, a brighter future. One of the most time tested ways of accumulating wealth around the world is real estate. A very high percentage of billionaires in this world have reached there through intelligent investments is real estate. For obvious reasons, real estate is more or less unaffected even through recessions and financial lows. With increasing populations and the fight for land getting harder every coming year, it is a given that in the long run real estate values are only set to increase. There are always periods of low, where growth might be slow, but it always picks up, and it is always ‘growth’ nonetheless.

The following are some of the best options when it comes to real estate that gains good appreciation over a relatively smaller period of time:

  1. Land: First and foremost, the best investment option anywhere is plots. Plots in almost all metropolitans have seen humongous price growth in a matter of years. The rise is a direct result of more and more people coming into metros, urban development and construction of surrounding infrastructure that can make a plot gain double – triple value in a matter of months! Buying land at the outskirts of the city is usually a good decision as they are cheaply available and because major real estate developers prefer outskirt lands for building new projects, hence the prices skyrocket.


  1. Hospitality Units: Considering land is the best investment, if you convert lands to hospitality centers, the returns become exponential. Established hotels are a huge source of revenue in today’s business dynamic. The primary requirement for that, of course, is land. If you have the required land and the financial resources at your disposal, investing in hospitality can prove very profitable. Nowadays, buying well established hotels in remote areas with a niche customer base is also considered a wise decision.


  1. Under Construction Projects: These are highly beneficial when it comes to making your money gain multifold value. The builders keep the prices low at the initial stages of the construction. If bought at this time, the value of this property rises immensely with time. You will notice that there is a stark difference between the initial prices and final prices of the project once it is ready to move in. But the prices don’t just stop there. With more development and more buyers in the project area as well as a developed market, the prices keep escalating with time.


  1. Second Homes: The culture of second homes is on the rise. With better money in hand, and extra financial resources, more and more people are investing in the idea of a ‘second’ home. And it does hold a lucrative value, not just as a vacation home for weekends or parties, but most importantly as a form of good investment. Such projects are mostly available on the outskirts, considerably exotic locations with more greenery. With time the prices increase, and before the property matures, you can always find a home away from home at such projects.