owner of the property


If you want to make a wise home-buying decision that saves you from unnecessary future harm, both financial as well as emotional, these are a few points to consider before making that big decision!

  1. Get Due Certificates: You need to first and foremost obtain the ‘completion certificate’. This is a sure indication that the house is fit to move into. Next you need to get yourself the ‘occupation certificate’, that certifies you as the rightful owner of the property. These government approvals for your home are very important as it eliminates the possibility of any future actions and helps you lead a tension free life in a home that is legally yours.


  1. Construction Quality: Both the method of construction as well as the quality of materials used are important factors when it comes to the strength and durability of your home. A home is a lifetime investment but that is only if it lasts that long. Check if the house may be wreaking and cracked in places on the inside even if it appears impressively built from the inside. Be diligent with these checks always.


  1. Earthquake Resistance: Most home-buyers tend to take this feature lightly, focusing more on the price of the property. But earthquake is a natural calamity that is not to be taken lightly. After all life is priceless! Even though there is no guarantee that a home will remain safe in the time of earthquake, making sure that you buy an earthquake resistant property can save many lives. So, make sure your house is built to take minimum damage during an earthquake.


  1. Fire Safety: Ensure that you obtain the emergency evacuation plan from your builder to be used in case of a fire. Also, fire tests are carried out before hand to make sure the house can be declared as fire-proof. The items such as fire-extinguishers and fire alarms must be of up to date technology and in a functional state. Newly built properties should have brand new equipment installed for fire-fighting purposes, including a water connection for the water hose.


  1. Safe Electrical System: A majority of fire risks arise from a faulty electrical system in the house. Not only this, even for an uninterrupted power supply this is an important factor. You should get an expert to check out the electric connections in the house and ensure that the best job has been done. You can do this by making sure that reputed brands are used in the appliances, also that the connections are well-grounded and not loose in places, so that your home remains safe even in adverse situations such as heavy rains.


  1. Drainage Systems: Another important hygiene factor, drainage systems of a house need to be properly designed. Also, it is highly advisable to have a rain water harvesting system installed. This can be incorporated with the drainage system to ensure that your house does not turn into a puddle during heavy rains, and at the same time you are able to make use of the excessive water. Not only does this solve the water shortage problem of today, it also increases efficiency of living adding more convenience to your lives. Most of the residential projects by many builders offer rain water harvesting as a fundamental feature today. So it is not a difficult choice when it comes to buying a home with a complete set of well-formed amenities providing convenience, security and a safe environment for life.