furnished apartments


One of the biggest questions when it comes to buying your own home is choosing between furnished and unfurnished. Which is the better option? This is a matter that confuses a lot of buyers because it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. So, let us list down and discuss five of the most prominent points when it comes to choosing between furnished and unfurnished.


  1. Cost of Apartment: While choosing between the two it is always helpful to keep in mind the great price difference. Already equipped with all the basic amenities, furnished apartments cost a huge lot more. So, if you already have a lot of furniture waiting to be moved, furnished is not the best option. You can save on a lot of money by buying an unfurnished house and moving in your old furniture. At the same time, if you’re a first timer without much furniture or if you have another home, then furnished can truly help you ease into your new home.


  1. Transportation Cost: Carrying luggage around is one big hassle. Hiring packers and movers to get your stuff moved, and worrying about the damage is so not worth it when all you want to do is start your new life in your new home. In this case, furnished houses are the best. Of course they cost more, but they also save you the transportation cost and make your shifting a peaceful and happy process.


  1. Personal Choice: One major issue with furnished apartments is that your home will come designed and decorated as per the choice of somebody else. Yes, they will tell you what they are offering when it comes to appliances and fittings, and you will surely visit the house to see for yourself, but what if you want something peculiar? Something that can truly define your inner personality through your home? In this case, one can go for unfurnished and later on decorate as per their own taste. After all, a home belongs to you and should be defined by you.


  1. Time Constraints: While furnished apartments cost you more money, they also save you more time. And time in today’s day and age is as important as money itself. If we take a detailed look at the process of buying and shifting into an unfurnished apartment, you will find that it can easily take up to a few weeks, or even months before you can actually move in. The reason being that shopping for furniture takes time, looking for a mover will take time and setting it all up in your new apartment to make it livable will take time! As you can see, that’s a lot of time and lot of effort, that’s why nowadays more and more young working couples and professionals are going for furnished apartments in big towns. The whole race of life is for time, because time eventually converts to money. So, wouldn’t it be wise to buy a more expensive furnished house and save time rather than spend so much time setting up your unfurnished home that it costs you a lot of money?

Every choice depends a lot on individual needs. You are the best judge of what suits you best, but it always helps to know the possible ups and downs when it comes to choosing between furnished and unfurnished. There is no winner in this debate, there is only a well-informed consumer that we seek to create. Hope this helps you make a wise and happy decision regarding your home!